Introductory Note: the following links are to sites that snowfighters might find useful sources of information. If you would like any site to be listed here, please send details to 

Colorado DOT: Winter maintenance is a public service, and as such uses public dollars to get the job done. That is simply to say that we have to be accountable for the dollars spent, and sometimes the media can get a little antsy about the spending. The story here, from Denver, is an interesting one. At the end of January this year, CDOT (which is responsible for the whole state, not just Denver) had spent 60% of their winter maintenance budget. Given there was a lot of snow early, this is not too surprising. What is surprising is why anyone would think that Denver’s winter experience is typical of the whole state. I must admit, I find it all a bit puzzling, but sadly, not too surprising!

Wisconsin DOT is approaching their winter maintenance activities with a  strongly data driven theme. They want to know how to do winter maintenance in the best possible ways, and to that end they are measuring what they are doing, and what the results of their actions are. The two documents here are their full annual report and a summary of that report, to let you know what they have been doing.

Clear Roads: Clear Roads is an AASHTO Pooled Fund program that has done a lot of research work over the years on topics related to winter maintenance. You can see most of the research results and reports on their site at: 

Aurora: Aurora is an AASHTO Pooled Fund program that has done a lot of research work on topics related to winter weather and road weather. You can see most of their research results and reports on their site at: 

SICOP: SICOP is an AASHTO Pooled Fund program that is dedicated to improving winter maintenance practices. They have developed a series of on-line training programs that are well worth a look (and links to those are provided here too). Their site is at:

SICOP PODCAST: Talk Winter Ops: (

APWA Winter Maintenance Sub-Committee: The sub-committee site is at:

AMS Intelligent Transportation Systems/Surface Weather Committee: For those with an interest in weather, the American Meteorological Society has a committee on surface weather. Their site is at:

FHWA (the Federal Highway Administration) has a road weather management program. Their site is at: 

NCAR (the National Center for Atmospheric Research) has a web site that discusses Maintenance Decision Support Systems (MDSS). Their site is at: 

PIARC (which is part of the World Road Association) has a committee on Winter Service (committee B2). Their site is at: 

The Pacific Northwest Snowfighters are now partnered with Clear Roads, but still have a web site that includes a lot of information about specifications and qualified products. Their site is at: 

SIRWEC is the Standing International Road Weather Commission. They have meetings every two years, and their next meeting will be in 2020. Their site is at: 

The Transportation Association of Canada has a lot of useful information about cold weather issues on transportation. Their site is at: 

The Transportation Research Board (TRB: has a couple of committees that have particular importance for winter maintenance. The winter maintenance committee (AHD65) has their site at: and the surface transportation weather committee (AH010) has their site at: 

AASHTO’s Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3) has online training courses in winter maintenance available free (in most cases) at their site: